ShurePlus™ MOTIV Video ist eine kostenlose iOS App zur Aufnahme von Videos mit unkomprimiertem Ton. Eine kostenlose iOS App zur Videoaufnahme mit unkomprimiertem Ton. Bei Verwendung mit MOTIV™ Hardware stehen alle Funktionen der MOTIV App zur Verfügung, einschließlich Einstellungen von Gain-(Pegelanpassung), EQ und Dynamik-Kompression.


  • Einfaches und intuitives Interface
  • Kompatibel mit allen MOTIV™ Produkten (MV88, MV51, MV5, MVi, MVL)
  • Aussteuerungsanzeige
  • Auswahl der Videoauflösung geräteabhängig (720p, 1080p, 4k)
  • Audioformat wählbar (WAV, AAC ALAC)


ShurePlus™ MOTIV Video verbindet die erstklassige Audioqualität der MOTIV Produkte mit Videofunktionen – für die perfekte Aufnahme wichtiger Momente. Die App umfasst Aussteuerungsanzeige, verbesserte, unkomprimierte Audioqualität, Anzeige der Wellenform sowie erweiterte Audio-Einstellmöglichkeiten. Auch als intuitives und zuverlässiges Stand-alone-Tool gewährleistet sie höchste Videoqualität.

Software Versionen

ShurePlus - Motiv Video 1.0


iOS 11.1 or later

Release Notes:

Release Date: 1/25/2018



  • Some users of iPhone 8 or iPhone X may experience silence or noisy artifacts on their recordings. These are due to an issue that was introduced with the release of these phone models in November, 2017. Until issues with how these devices communicate with USB microphones are fixed by Apple, we're unable to resolve this. We have reported this problem to Apple and are working with them to find a solution.
  • If the screen is locked while a MOTIV microphone is plugged in, the app may no longer be able to access it. To fix this issue, return to the home screen, force-close the app, then unplug and re-plug the microphone.
  • A small percentage of users may receive a numerical error message while recording, such as "-1" or "66570." These messages occur when there was an error writing to the device and are related to Apple's new file system (APFS). One of these errors can occur even if your device has plenty of remaining storage. We recommend clearing up your device storage from the Settings screen, and if that doesn't resolve the issues, doing a full restore from iTunes, consisting of a backing up your devicewiping/restoring to factory settings, and restoring from the backup.
  • If you monitor your recordings with Bluetooth earphones, you may hear artifacts, such as noise, while monitoring. If this occurs, we recommend changing the sample rate of your recordings. Some products may produce artifacts at 44.1 kHz, while others may do so for 48 kHz recordings. Please keep in mind that even if you hear artifacts while monitoring, they will not be present in the recordings themselves.


  • MV88 User Guide
  • Supports iPhone 5S and later – iPad and iPod Touch are not supported
  • Compatible with iOS 11.1 or later

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